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Burger King
Mark Ghasibi
Supply chain Manager
Burger King
Sanita has been catering Burger King with a large variety of products including paper towels, napkins, liquid soap, trash bags, and toilet paper.

Since 1999, the quality of the products we buy from SANITA is always improving, and the knowledge and problem solving skills acquired by their sales force that is always expanding
Collège Maristes Champville
Antoine Sfeir
Collège Maristes Champville
“Sanita’s Large and Diverse Portfolio helped us find the right solutions to satisfy each of our pre-schoolers, primary and secondary students, and instructors.

Sanita’s consistency in terms of products quality and after sales service is the main factor behind the strong mutual trust that we built throughout many years.
Sanita does not only provide our school with good quality products, but helps us provide a strong image, and therefore a good impression to parents and visitors.”
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